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Bayview Grill

In the food court across the way from the Omni buffet, they've replaced the signage with some flash looking old timey timey carnival style signs. And they've also gotten rid of the generic names for the stands. Now you actually see Rubios, Oggi's, Anthony's all there being properly represnted. Good job. We'll have to try those in later games. For the first game, we had to have hot dogs.

Jbox and I ate hot dogs at Bayview Grill in Petco. Get this. I buy one grilled hot dog, a thing of fries for us to share, and a medium soda. Lady rings it up. $28.50. I was like, "that's too much." She goes, "didn't you also order two miller lights?" I shake my head no.

She rings it up again. $18.75. I tell her, "you're getting real close." One more try brings it to $11 even and that's a winner.

Eleven bucks. Now... if that's not a killer by itself... check this out:

In the middle of the menu, though you can't quite see it, they've added Bay Baskets. Your choice of main dish with a large soda and potato chips. Their version of a value meal I guess. But look at the prices: $12.25, $14.25, $14.74 and $15.25!

That has to be turning off some customers, right? It doesn't even register to me as sensible marketing. Outside the park and a block away, $15.25 buys you a steak dinner.

Man, that irks me.