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Gameday Open Thread, 3/31: Our Padres vs the Mariners of Seattle

Final Padres Cactus league game at 11 today. One more game up at Lake Elsinore on Saturday, and then we start the regular season! Finally...

If you'd like to discuss the game. I'll be here.

Update [2005-3-31 17:15:47 by Dex]: I stepped away to do an NL West Preview chat with Jim from AZ Snake Pit and Blez from Athletics Nation. Blez was moderator. The Padres ended up losing 4-1. The NL West Preview chat will be posted Monday hopefully.

What did we learn today?

  • Darrell May actually can pitch
And that's all we learned. At least that's all I learned.

Oh and look at this. Sixth in the power rankings!? Wow. I was much too humble during the chat. Should've gone in cocky, like a Cardinals fan.