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Moores won't sign Bochy

A secret source sent me this Ben Maller story:

Padres Chairman John Moores has supported manager Bruce Bochy through some thick and a lot of thin since Moores bought the club in 1994. But as the Padres have approached the 2005 season, one that has raised hopes of ending the franchise's six-year playoff drought, Moores has twice backed off on giving Bochy a two-year contract extension. "I wish I could comment, but I can't do it," Moores said. "It has nothing to do with Bruce. I'll leave it at that. My opinion of Bruce Bochy is as high as it's ever been, and it's always been high." Padres CEO Dick Freeman and General Manager Kevin Towers, it has been learned, twice came to terms on a Bochy extension in recent months, only to get a veto from Moores each time. Bochy, for his part, said yesterday he was told that a deal would get done before Monday's season opener in Denver. Bochy declined to say who told him that was the case but emphasized his contractual status is a nonissue for him.