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Petco Park review comments

This was a comment that just showed up from our old site about a review of Petco Park.

Are you guys complete idiots?
I completly disagree with you review on the park.
First of all: #5. There isn't much unique to San Diego about the park. Couldn't they have given it a mission theme or something?

What the heck, did you guys not notice the tile represents the cliffs of torrey pines, the white steel (oppose to other parks green/grey) represents our skies and white water ocean, the unique foods like rubios, Anthonys, Oggis, that only SD has. The friar bell (mission), the beautiful san diego wildflowers growing all over the park?...
Not sure how I missed all that. White steel = skies and ocean... check. Egyptian Tile = Torrey Pines... check. You are really stretching here. To be honest Mission Federal Credit Union looks more San Diego then the ballpark.
I don't like those employees holding signs to make you wait to go to your seat between pitches either.
...Every ballpark has this, it's a courtesy and not mandatory!
Both you and I can agree it's dumb. Dex loves those signs though.
9. So many Ads, it was worse when it first opened. The scoreboard was so distracting.
Well, they pay for the park inorder for you to enjoy the Padres, I agree it looks like someone let a 3 year old color all over the park, but they're paying good money and it makes everything cheaper in the end. It's a new park, deal with it.
The tax payers paid for a nice big chunk of this park so I don't owe Moores any favors. What's that Ad money really done for us? NOTHING has gotten cheaper. The ballpark looks tacky and Moores hasn't increased our payroll. The ticket prices and food prices have doubled or tripled. The Padres and Moores have plenty of money. It is a new park and I have dealt with it, in my review.