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Open Thread 3/29: Our Padres vs the Rangers of Texas

Something to look at during the hour. I'll comment during lunch. Cup O' Noodles today... And perhaps a Pepsi.

Update [2005-3-29 18:15:38 by Dex]: Padres win it in the bottom of the 10th. Down by two, Nady with two men on hits a walk off home run. Don't bother looking at the comments. It's all me, a little bit of jbox and one comment from nerdhater pitying us.

Things we learned today:

  • Ted Leitner didn't like the Karate Kid which gives me yet another reason to not like him
  • Xavier Nady is awesome
  • I've cleared my appointment for tomorrow night so I will be able to go to the Padres vs Aztecs game