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Quintero for Redding

Padres move Quintero for Redding - This could have some huge upside for us, as word on the street is Redding is a really angry guy and we Padres specialize in finding homes for tempermental players. He'll be able to settle in with us, do some yoga, harness that rage and discover the joys of pitching in Petco as opposed to Minute Maid. That's of course assuming he gets the number 5 spot. This is a good quote:

"I'm happy with the opportunity to start over with a new organization and be on a team still considered a contender for the playoffs...
I love backhanded insults.

Anyways, what did we lose? Quintero who was solid, but ultimately our bullpen catcher. And if it's true that we have a "legitimate prospect at every level", then I don't think we're losing anything in the long run.

Update [2005-3-28 15:14:48 by Dex]: If you'd like, you can use this thread to comment on today's game as well. Tim Stauffer is going for us. I'm rooting for him to be the 5th starter.

Update [2005-3-28 18:38:5 by Dex]: Davidlizerblog is mildly pessimistic about the trade. Padres RunDown is seeing red (his pun not mine). And the Juice Box guys seem very happy about getting rid of Redding. Ducksnorts however says, "...this is, or at least has the potential to be, a tremendous acquisition for the Pads." But no analysis yet.