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Padres All Time Team ranked the Padres all time team. It looks like it's a few years old but I seriously think they are crazy. Phil Nevin the best 3rd basemen of all time? you're nuts! Phil Nevin shouldn't even be mentioned on the same page as... Quilvio Veras????!!! Is Quilvio Veras the best 2nd basemen? Granted this was before Loretta, well at least let's hope it was. Oh an then get this they have an honorable mention at the bottom. Caminiti isn't even mentioned. Archi Cianfrocco made runner up for 1B. Bubba Trammell made honorable mention for outfield. This list is nutty. Oh I guess a player can only make the all time team for one club. The club they played the most games for. Maybe that explains Cami. This makes my list look logical.