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Blaine Neal

We were asked recently to comment on Blaine Neal. Here was my reply:

"The chubby faced Blaine Neal has a good slider and a good fastball and he was effective at times. If he loses his baby fat , keeps his pitches down and becomes an overall better pitcher he may last a few more years in the Major Leagues"

"If he refuses to shower and grows out his hair,
he'll fit right in with those lovable losers in Boston"

Here was Dex's:

"Some scouts view Neal as a future setup man or closer, however his appearances in San Diego were streaky. His good appearances were overshadowed by the consistent production from the middle relief duo of Aki Otsuka and Scott Linebrink. He throws a hard slider, and a mid-90s fastball but with the Padres' three-headed monster and further upgrades to the bullpen, most fans were indifferent at the loss."

[editor's note, by Dex] I should say that we were asked for the quotes by our friends at Over The Monster. Just trading notes on the recent trade. Here's how Over The Monster feels about Hyzdu:

Adam Hyzdu will provide the Padres a big bat, a versatile outfielder, and a great individual. If Hyzdu plays everyday at AAA, he'll hit atleast 20 home runs. If he is a backup in the majors, which seems unlikely with the depth of the outfield of the big team, then he's going to be a good late-inning pinch hitter. Hyzdu will be a great influence wherever he plays next season.
How do Padre fans in general feel about this trade? I would say indifferent considering the fact that our bullpen is solid enough to not miss Neal and Hyzdu probably won't be making the club considering we have a solid 17 outfielders already.