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Gameday Open Thread, 3/26: Our Padres vs the Dancing Diamondbacks of Arizona

Jon and I went to the 2001 World Series for games 6 and 7. We almost scalped our game 7 tickets and would have missed out on that great game. I wasn't really rooting for either team until midway through game 6 when a couple of Yankees fans gave us grief for wearing our Padres gear. They were like, "Man, that takes some balls to wear Padres gear!"

Jon and I didn't really say anything, but it was pretty annoying and Jon was fuming. The rest of the time we laughed at nearby Yankees fans as the D-backs went on to throw a ton of runs up on those punk Yankees. Then we were ecstatic along with the home crowd at the end of game 7.

We didn't get to see those punk Yankee fans again, but I hope somebody gave them grief like, "You mean you guys were rooting for the Yankees?"

Use this thread if you want to discuss the game, but I think I'll be driving out to Anza Borrego to look at the blooms.