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Guys Night Out!

Last night, jbox and I had a GNO + Jess. We tried this new seafood restaurant and grill over near El Indio on India Street called Bluewater... I think. It was deeelish. All the dudes in there had Padres hats on. The season is approaching!

After that, we went to the bookstore. There's a new book out, The Kid: Ted Williams in San Diego. I thought for half a minute about buying it, reading it and then posting a review, but I ended up skipping it as it was like 400 pages long. As a baseball fan and San Diego native, I figure everything I know about Ted Williams should be through osmosis.

After the bookstore, we went to Sports Chalet in Mission Valley. jbox and I were flipping through the Padres gear when I came across this t-shirt that had orange trim and a silk screened picture of Tony Gwynn swinging a bat, and in little lettering like it was a blueprint, it said, "hitting machine". I showed it to jbox.

He said, "Nu-UH, girlfriend! Don't you tell me you found that before me!"

I said, "You know how hot I'd look in this?" Then to the t-shirt, "You shut your mouth, t-shirt. You got no business lookin' this good... Lookin' sexy as all hell."

jbox grabbed one of the t-shirts and held it up to himself. He spotted this woman outside the store with her baby and nodded at her like, "How do I look in this?" The woman nodded and forced her little baby's hands into a thumbs up.

In the end though, I bought it for myself. jbox was worried about the fit and the fact that it was $22. Now that I really think about it, I probably should've bought the sand away jersey that I've been wanting, but at least this t-shirt gives me a good start. And I have to admit, I look hot in it.