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PadresHonky and the Pad Squad

This comment appeared in one of the diaries over on the right there. Had nothing to do with the diary:

Pad Squad

Just a quick question. This is the new site, correct? No more blogger? Just want to make that clear.

Can you guys talk more about Pad Squad? I love that sh*t. Your other stuff is amusing, but not [sic] as funny as Pad Squad love.

by SDBaseBall
Now, the name says SDBaseBall, but no joke... We know it's you PadresHonky.

Here's the original post. You see in the comments, how PadresHonky asks for more photos, but then tries to play it off like jbox is the creepy one? We all know who the creepy one is... And it's you SDBaseBall aka PADRESHONKY!

That being said... Once I figure out how to post pictures to this thing, I'll go ahead and put some up... But only as long as you promise to leave those Pad Squadders alone! They're only trying to do their jobs when they act like they're so much better than you. It's part of their culture.

And yes, this is where we are now.