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"Moores, 61, one of the nation's wealthiest individuals"

Nice little UT story on Moores taking over some human rights dealie in Atlanta from Jimmy Carter.

In 2004, he was listed as the 389th richest person in America. His net worth was estimated at $750 million by Forbes magazine.
I wonder if it would be too much to ask for him to spend crazy amounts of money on the Padres? Probably. Moores seems real cheap when it comes to the Padres, trying to get tax payers to pay for everything. I guess that's how you become rich though, by being real cheap.
After a corporate accounting scandal erupted at Peregrine, Moores became a target of shareholder ire. A federal judge dismissed him as a defendant in a shareholder lawsuit alleging fraud at Peregrine, but the dispute continues. Moores also battled accusations of unethical conduct arising from his efforts to build the $458 million Padres ballpark, financed with $157 million from the team and the rest from public agencies.
I saw Moores once in the Padres Store at the Q. It was in 1998 so I was real pleased with him and I told him so. He seemed a little cranky that day though.