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Welcome to Gaslamp Ball!


Hello, I'm Dex and I'll be blogging here with a couple of my buddies, jbox (who loves 2 tacos for 99 cents and won't give his real name on the internet for fear of kidnappers) and Kev (who somewhere deep down loves the Padres even though he's got like 11 "second favorite" teams). We've been blogging random stuff as the Padres Fans Since '76, but we'll be here going forward.

We were all born and raised San Diegans, and love to talk baseball. We're not the biggest stat heads in the world. If that's what you want to talk about though, I've read Moneyball and the New Bill James Historical Abstract, along with a ton of other nerdy type books, so I'll at least nod intelligently. From jbox though, you'll probably get more commentary on hairstyles than anything else. (Hint: Frosted tips and goatees are apparently all the rage among the players.)

Drop a comment if you so feel inclined and we'll see you when we see you!