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Who can top this earliest Padres memory?

October 7, 1984 - I was one of the few to witness the greatest Padres moment in team history.  At age 8, I think I have dex and jbox beat in terms of being a dedicated Padre fan longer.  They're newbies in my book, but still well versed to represent this blog as they're die hard fans.  

Back to Mr. Garvey's famous homerun.  I still remember like it was yesterday.  It was one of those father-son bonding moments that you see in The Natural or Friday Night Lights.  Garvey hits the long ball off of Lee in the 9th to win the game and send it to game 5.  The Murph was going nuts and they started playing Cub-busters.  My Dad puts me on his shouders and we just start singing and partying with the rest of San Diego that night.  

Too bad we got our asses handed to us by Detroit in the WS.