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Counterpoint: I miss Barry Bonds

I wonder if Barry Bonds will ever return. This really seems like the beginning of the end. Now, I don't think I personally know anybody who likes Barry Bonds, but if this is really it, then it's a bummer, man.

Me? I love Barry Bonds. He's Darth Vader. He's Newman from Seinfeld. He's Megatron, Skeletor and Mum-ra all in one. I was watching Rocky IV with our buddy Jon recently and he said, "Do you miss the Soviet Union? Wasn't it nice to have bad guys who were that cool?" Well, that's the way I feel about Barry Bonds.

What was great about Barry was the way he worked the bad guy image so well. He wasn't two faced at all about it. He didn't pretend to be a nice guy, glad handing with the media and what not. He would just play awesome and crush the ball and then act like he had something better to do. Man, it's so much fun to hate a guy like that.

I guess the Padres are pretty much favored to win the NL West now. But it's kinda like Rocky V. Rocky beating down some young punk instead of the Soviet Union. We all remember how bad Rocky V was.

It's a bummer, man.