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Gaslamp Exclusive: David Wells interview! Will he come back to SD?

I went to Fashion Valley Mall tonight.  I was eating some Cheesecake factory with some friends from work.  You should know this... there is no greater meatloaf connoisseur then myself.  I know meatloaf better than any man living or dead.  Anytime I go to a new restaurant I get the meatloaf.  A restaurant can be judged in it's entirety by it's meatloaf.  I've often answered the question about my last meal with "Cheesecake Factory Meatloaf".  You know what I'd do?  I'm in prison, I'm about to walk the Green Mile to my death but first it is time to feast.  I order myself some loafed meat and I purposely choke on it.  I rob them of the satisfaction of putting me to death, cheat justice and enjoy meatloaf all at once.  This is unless I'm being put to death first thing in the morning, in which case I'd eat something light so I wouldn't get nightmares.  Any how,  I wasn't that hungry so I ordered the meatloaf sandwich.  When they delivered my food I was sickened.  They no longer serve the "Mile High Meatloaf Sandwich" it's like a club sandwich now with fries and mayo.  It's disgusting.  Why cheesecake factory??? WHY!!!

So we needed to walk our meal off.  We did a little window shopping and I bought some cheap sunglasses.  Then my friend from work, who also spotted Bill Murray at Petco during the summer sees someone else.  "Hey look that guy looks like David Wells."

I see his profile and say "Dude! That is David Wells".  I start thinking.  Should I talk to him?  Why is he with two dudes, and why are the two dudes wearing shorts and Ugg Boots?  They actually were all dressed pretty weird.  I can't remember exactly what they were wearing now since I was so caught up in the moment.  Whatever it was, something was a little weird.  Suddenly all my training and work for Gaslampball kicked it in.  This is my job!  I must interview him.  It's what I do!  Sure, maybe I've only interviewed Pad Squadders in the past, but this is my time to shine!

I'm a few steps behind him and his boys.  He's turning the corner, kinda quiet like I'm like "Hey Boomer". Is it weird I called him by his nickname.  No time for that.  Must complete interview.  He turns around.

jbox:  Hey Boomer [it's me jbox]
jbox:  you mind if I shake your hand there?

I stick out my hand.  He's kinda got the look on his face like, kid, you're killing me.  In any case I shake his hand.  Very firm handshake, like a member of the DavidLizerblog posse.  He's a tall dude, must be 6'4" if he's a foot.

jbox:  so you gonna be coming back here next season?
Wells:  I hope so.
jbox:  Good, I hope to see you then.

So if I understand him correctly he hopes to be back in a Padres uniform next year.  That's some kinda scoop, right?  This is jbox reporting.  Over and out.

Update [2005-12-10 14:41:45 by jbox]:

Dex and I talked to a new secret source last night that works in the Padres front office. Word is that David Wells has been calling Kevin Towers several times a day, everyday. I don't think there is any doubt that he'll be coming back.