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Does Hoffman seem happy to be a Padre?

Look at these quotes:

"I am absolutely exhausted from the process. It's a very grueling experience. I'm glad it's over. I think I made the right decision."
"Cleveland was by far the most respectful in the process. I can't say enough about Mark Shapiro and Eric Wedge. They have a game plan like I haven't seen. They made it very, very difficult. That's saying a lot coming from a guy who's 38 and embedded in a spot."

Are you kidding me?  The Padres weren't respectful to Hoffman?  No excuse for that.  How is it that Cleaveland could be more classy than San Diego? Ron Burgundy would not be happy.

Why can't KT and Sandy give him a better sales pitch then the Shapiro and Wedge?  Instead they neglected him for a few months between talks.  I swear if they would have just reached out to him during the last few months.  Made a phone call now and then to check up on him and tell him how much he is appreciated, this could have been an easy choice for him.  You had to know he wanted to stay and he'd take less money.  Just treat him well and he'd totally be back for dimes on the dollar.

I'd be sending the Pad Squad to Rancho Santa Fe twice a week with presents.  Sure it'd probably be just squishy foam baseballs, but those can go a long way.

Why play hard ball and risk ruining the relationship between the most popular player and the team?  Unacceptable.  Sure you've signed him now, but it seems like you almost broke him in the process.

Update [2005-12-8 19:6:11 by jbox]:

Sandy saved the Hoffman Deal

"I was brainstorming with Sandy until 3:40 in the morning," said Kevin Towers, the Padres' general manager. "Finally, I told him, 'Uncle. You're the Marine. You win. I've got to go to bed.' Sandy hopped on a plane at 7:30 (a.m.). He told Trevor, 'Whatever the perception is that I don't want you, it's wrong.' Not many would do that."

KT calls Sandy "Uncle"? What's that about. That's very affectionate, if not a little creepy. Then Sandy never really says that he wants Trevor, he just says "I don't not want you". Yeah that must have saved the deal. Hmmm