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Burroughs for Brazelton, Sweeney gone! Trevor soon to be gone???

My secret source is saying that ESPN is reporting that Burroughs for Brazelton is official now.

Here's talk on it from yesterday:

The new Rays brass were close to their first trade of the winter meetings Tuesday evening. The team is expected to trade underachieving pitcher Dewon Brazelton to the Padres in exchange for third baseman Sean Burroughs. Final details were being negotiated late Tuesday night.

Update [2005-12-7 15:29:1 by jbox]:

The greatest Padres prospect of all time is now gone:

It's official

Third baseman Sean Burroughs was traded from the San Diego Padres to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays on Wednesday for right-hander Dewon Brazelton.

Update [2005-12-7 16:22:0 by jbox]:

Mark Sweeney has gone to San Francisco with a flower in his pelo. Thanks to Fairweather and Ranger for the update.

Update [2005-12-7 16:41:33 by jbox]:

My secret source is telling me that the Indians are making Trevor a 3-year deal now. They want him bad. Not looking good, they are offering more years guaranteed and more salary.

Update [2005-12-7 16:52:38 by jbox]:

Loretta gone to the Bo Sox

Update [2005-12-7 18:20:6 by Dex]: Hoffman signs with San Diego for two years plus an option on a third year. Too Much Show is guessing that there's a buyout included there. I'm guessing we're talking about numbers pretty close to what was being predicted.