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Bret Boone vs Las Vegas II

Seattle Post-Intelligencer has Boone's side of the story.

Oh. Dang.

Boone's version: After playing his round, he admits to having his feet on a chair and thought later that he shouldn't have because the place was plush.

"The bartender comes over and it's not, 'Mr. Boone, please,' it's 'Get your (bleeping) feet off the chair,' " Boone said. "Yeah, I should have my feet down. But don't come at me aggressively. Be a professional about it."

Boone told him he wasn't there to cause trouble and that he'd be happy to get his feet down if asked differently.

"I don't care who you are," the bartender said.

"I don't care who I am either," Boone said. "Don't come at me that way."
So the bartender recognized him? Maybe the bartender was a Rangers fan.
"That's what happened," Boone said. "Then the next thing I know I'm flipping carts over and going ballistic, and people are reading in Seattle (thinking), 'Bret, what a hoodlum.' "
A-HA! So there it is! Bret Boone admits to flipping carts over and going ballistic. Case closed!
"It's Star magazine stuff," said the former Mariner. "I feel like I'm Paris Hilton."

Also, one of you Anonymous Heros is on the previous post about this, defending Bret Boone. I'm almost positive it's Aaron Boone commenting. You listen to me, Anonymous Hero, Defender of Steroids. Ain't nobody wants to hear from no juice jerk, so keep that business to yourself.

Update [2005-12-6 12:18:10 by Dex]: Our special Gaslamp Ball Vegas correspondent, teemcee, adds this little wrinkle to Mr. Boone's story:
During my research into this incident, I was able to speak with both the columnist who wrote the original story and a ranking member of Wynn's security team who confirmed that Mr. Boone did create quite a fuss while at the Wynn. Wynn staffers actually tried to downplay the problems as they try to squash any negative publicity surrounding their resort. There were reports of additional damages caused by Mr. Boone and his party which my source at the Wynn would not confirm (or deny).
Scoreboard! The truth: 1, Bret Boone: 0.

Scoreboard, Mr. Boone. Scoreboard.