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Winter Meetings Day 2

Padres up their offer to Hoffman. Less than what the Indians are offering says the report.

Padres said two years at $5 million a year. Trevor came back with 3 years $25 million. I wonder if they split the difference? 2 1/2 years $6 million a year. Or maybe 2 years at $6 million a year. Option on a third year at $6 million with a $2 million buyout? Two years at $5.5 million, but incentive laced. Say 35 saves earns you $500k. Get that 50th save and you've earned yourself a cool $1.5 million. Maybe we could work out a deal with the new mayor to name the 51st day of the baseball season Trevor Hoffman day; When it's Trevor Time all day. Can we put that in a contract? Contracts are fun.