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World Baseball Classic Press Conference

They're supposed to be broadcasting it soon on radio. I'll live blog, unless somebody starts commenting, at which point I'll just comment along with the rest of you.

  • 12:02PM The commentators just before the press conference were talking crap about it (the Classic). Being real negative. Way to hype up the fans for the press conference guys. Reeeaaaaal smooth.

  • 12:04PM This is much better. They're doing a nice little audio montage of how important this World Baseball Classic is going to be. This is what I'm talking about. Goosebumps. This is what I was hoping for.

  • 12:05PM Bud Selig welcoming us. At least I think it's Bud Selig based on his sad, buzz kill of a voice.

  • 12:08PM Tommy Lasorda is the ambassador for the World Baseball Classic.... But he's not available for this press conference. Ummmm... Also, I hope that Tommy's gotten more proactive about washing his hands after using the restroom and before ambassadoring.

  • 12:10PM Quick review by Paul Somebody about what we know about the Classic so far:
    1. Don't know much about the Asian pool. My guess is there are Asian kids swimming in it.
    2. A Pool: China, Chinese Type A (??), Japan, Korea
    3. Arizona Pool: Canada, Mexico, something and the USA...
    4. Ahhh I'm too slow to get the rest. Although Italy is apparently one of the top 16 baseball playing countries in the world.

  • 12:14PM Phone rang so I missed a bit. Players report to their clubs for Spring Training and then their home country's club.

  • 12:16PM Playing rules: DH rule in effect. Wood bats. They're considering mercy rules. Mercy rules? Please. I bet that's the Italians wanting mercy rules.

  • 12:17PM Uniforms! This is what I'm talking about! New Era, Majestic and Nike are all supplying unis. I gotta see these things. I wish I was actual press sometimes. I'd love to see these new duds.

  • 12:20PM Rep from the players union is talking. Cracking up the press guys, but he's a very low talker. His voice drifts lower and lower until he's literally whispering. He's talking about Cuba right now as his voice again drifts into nothingness...

  • 12:24PM Players union represntative on Italy's citizenship rules: "If you've eaten pizza, you're eligible for Italian citizenship." Buuuurrrrn, Italy. Italy just got moded.

  • 12:26PM Players who are in (not including the Asian Pool players). These are players who have agreed to play, but have not necessarily made it on the team: Abreu, Jason Bay, Barry Bonds, Craig Biggio (for the U.S. not Italy), Buhrle, Carrara (for Venezuela), Roger Clemens (who may or may not be retired from the MLB), Johnny Damon, Eric Gagne (Canada pending his injury recovery), Ken Griffey Jr, Jason Isringhausen, Andruw Jones, Vladimir Guerrero, Derek Jeter, Chipper Jones, Todd Jones, Derek Lee, Al Leiter, Pedro Martinez, David Ortiz, Willy Mo Pena, Neifi Perez, Pujols, Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez, Jimmy Rollins, Markos Scattaro(sp?), Smoltz (eligible for Italy), Mark Texiera, Miguel Tejada, Varitek, Vidro, Omar Vizquel, Billy Wagner, Vernon Wells, Dontrelle Willis, David Wright, Carlos Zambrano, Barry Zito.

    Real good list there so far and it was incomplete as those were just the ones he mentioned aloud from some slides that were being shown.

  • 12:34PM thenerdhater's here so I'll continue in the comments.
Press Conference is over. What do you guys think? Frankly, I'm excited about it, myself. It sounds like we'll have some good competition and potentially be able to see some international stars (from Japan, Dominican, Cuba) that we normally wouldn't be able to see. The Dominican lineup in particular sounds crazy (Willy Mo batting 9th?). Comments are appreciated.

Also, here's the list of players who have accepted the opportunity to play. Like they said in the press conference, these aren't the teams yet. Only those players who have explicitly expressed the desire to participate.