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Under the radar?

Who's the reliever that the Padres should really focus on resigning for next season? Obviously, it would have to be Trevor Hoffman. We have too much invested in computer graphics for the scoreboards at Petco Park to switch our closer now. And I'm still hopeful for a Padres appearance in the World Series wherein the team was to hire AC/DC to actually come and play Hells Bells live in the 9th for the ultimate Trevor Time entrance. AC/DC live for Trevor Time would be epic. I'm talking Achilles vs Hector. Truly.

However, forget that for a second. How big of a mistake would it be to not sign Rudy Seanez? Rob Neyer considers Seanez one of the potential bargains for next season (Insider required). At 37, we're not talking about a spring chicken, but the Phillies are paying $6 million a year for Tom Gordon for crying out loud.

Do we need to hang onto this guys? Or is Towers going to pull more superstar relievers out of his butt like he has in the past? How many times can lightning strike and hit a star relief pitcher in San Diego? It seriously doesn't rain that often here.