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World Baseball Classic Buzz

I've been excited about the World Baseball Classic for a little while now. It's scheduled to start in March, but I still haven't seen a whole lot about it. Sure, a lot of players have expressed interest in participating, but the thing's only three months away. We've only just got the teams finalized. Cuba was up in the air as of a week ago, but have recently expressed their commitment.

Chris Jenkins at the UT touches on this:

The inaugural World Baseball Classic is roughly three months away from its semifinal and championship games at Petco Park, yet things are still wayyyyyy up in the air. Things like the rosters of players - many of them major leaguers - and even the nations to compete are yet to be determined completely.
Well, enough of that. Let's start getting excited about this. All you San Diegans especially since the final games are to played at Petco. If this thing is successful at all, then we could be a part of something really significant to baseball. A press conference is scheduled for... Well, actually it's tough to tell when the press conference is scheduled for. And from that same article, it appears that we won't be able to watch the games anywheres but on So nobody wanted to pick this up? NBC? Fox? ESPN2?

I mean, NBC took a chance on the XFL for crying out loud. They couldn't give this a shot?

So the thing's three months away. People in the city where the championship game is going to be played have barely heard of this thing. There are no TV rights. The press conference that's going to be enlightening us is happening at some undisclosed time the near future.

And to top that off, this is the picture that they have adorning the official site...

Are they trying to scare people away?