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Happy New Year!!!

Well, I'm glad that's just about over with. Tough year as a San Diego sports fan (not including the Gulls which I haven't much paid attention to). The wrong pro sports team made the playoffs and the team that really probably was good enough to win their division, actually didn't. Bummer, man.

I didn't bother watching the Chargers game today just because I read somewhere that Rivers wouldn't be playing. As Marty said in the paper, they were going to go out there and try to win that game.

What I want to know is why the Chargers didn't try to win the first game of the season. Nor the second game of the season. Or why they didn't try to win that game against Miami. Or where the heck were they while everybody else was expecting them in Kansas City?

In other words, I went to Borders and spent some gift cards instead of spending the day thinking about how disappointed I am in our apparentgly competitive, but utterly underachieving professional teams.

I better get ready to greet the new year. If you happen upon us today or tomorrow then have a happy new year! Only good things for 2006!