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Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee... And Tony Gwynn ain't nobody


I just got word from a secret source that Tony Gwynn is in a contract with Sara Lee. I can only assume that he's going to be a spokesperson trying to persuade the masses into buying one of Sara Lee's fine mouthwatering cheesecakes. Although, Sara Lee does own the Ballpark Hotdogs brand as well. So Tony will either be hawking cheesecakes or hot dogs.

Either way, Tony isn't exactly at his playing weight anymore, and if there are commercials being made, then I'm looking forward to them. I do have to say that Sara Lee commercials with Tony chowing down on some strawberry cheesecake would be, what some would call, the bomb.

Also, after I wrote that headline, I was struck by the thought that the slogan might actually be, "Nobody does it like Sara Lee". Thankfully, the Sara Lee FAQ cleared that bit of bit up for me and wouldn't you know, I actually got it right.

I really hope we get some Tony Gwynn cheesecake commercials out of this. I really want that to happen.