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John Sickels Prospect Book 2006

If you didn't notice the elegant and eyecatching advertisement currently on the page for John Sickels' new Prospect Book, then allow me to provide you a clicky link. There you go.

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the fact that Gaslamp Ball is part of the SportsBlogs Nation of blogs. Furthermore, I assume you realize that although Gaslamp Ball is an excellent blog in its own right... Sexy yet provacative. Informative yet irreverent. Naked yet clothed. Testosterone packed yet latently homosexual... Though we are all of those things, we are not, as of this writing, one of the flaship blogs on the network, just yet.

John Sickels' Minor League Ball is.

...One of the flagship blogs, I mean.

And the reason he is, folks, is because he's an excellent writer and he knows more about the minor leagues than anybody you know. I can barely keep track of who's playing for Beavers at any given moment in the season. John however, taps into the cybernetic meld of synapses and circuitry that he calls His Brain and spews forth with commentary on all the top prospects.

And it's not like robo-vulcan-khalil speak either. It's interesting and insightful. Playful and pensive. Etc.

I've already ordered my copy. Get yours today!