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Today's project: Gaslamp Ball Year End Awards!

Here's an interactive project, because it's such a light day. End of the year awards!

I've never done end of the year awards before, so forgive me if it's lame. Here are the categories I'd like to see nominations for:

Player of the Year

Bad Guy of the Year

Big League Hairiest of the Year

I dunno what else. Prettiest Eyes of the Year, maybe? Who knows. I'm open to suggestions

Anyways, if you're around the blog, enter in your nominations by 8:00 PST and tomorrow we'll vote. All you Anonymous Heroes are welcome to nominate as well.

Good luck to the contenders!

Update [2005-12-28 14:39:49 by Dex]: Here are more potential awards:

Whiner of the Year

Nakedest Player of the Year

Best Intro Song

Padre 2005 Player Most Likely to Become a Star in 2006

I think those are a good amount of categories. Let's start in on some nominations.