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San Diego's all baseball again (and by San Diego, I mean me)

The Chargers finally got beat by a team over the weekend and there goes the playoffs. All those other losses were unbelievably frustrating for the woulda-shoulda-could aspect of them. I think everybody in San Diego was confused by the strange play calling from week to week. It's almost like the Chargers were outthinking themselves by going with a really creative playbook one week and then somehow deciding that next week's opponent had already figured it out just by having seen it done so let's throw this amazing creative playbook out the window and go with something dumb and conservative. In other words, screw you guys and what you want for breakfast, cause all you're getting is oatmeal.

Hmmmm... That analogy didn't make any sense.

Anyways, it's also post-Christmas now and with the Chargers out, we can truly look forward to the baseball season. No longer am I distracted by the Chargers and their teasing ways and flirtacious manner. It's all about the Padres from here on out. No, I'm not looking at you any more Chargers. You can quit giving me the eyes. I don't even want to see. I don't care if you're not wearing a bra. Pitch woo all you want. I ain't catching it again till next August.

One last Chargers thought though... I'm debating in my head which season I enjoyed more. I know there was all the talk about the Padres and the fact that they made the playoffs, and that just getting there is what counts, but I'll tell you. I had much more fun watching the Chargers and feeling pride in my team than I did with the Padres all season save for May.

The Chargers were just awesome. They were even losing games in spectacular fashion. Our team faced the toughest teams in the NFL over the toughest schedule and they didn't embarrass themselves.

Sure there were close games that they probably should have won, but at the same time, nobody can look you in the eye and honestly say that the Chargers weren't one of the top 5 teams in the league.

The Padres on the other hand, win their joke division, and get swept in the playoffs. While they were the "champs", there are plenty of people who would try to make a case that the Padres may have been one of the bottom 5 teams in the league.

So which season was more satisfying?

Now that it's basically all said and done, I'll go with the Chargers season. With the Chargers, I imagine we're a couple of pieces and a few decisions away from a Superbowl. With the Padres, I believed we needed something of an overhaul, which we got.

So now I'm getting excited about the baseball season again. It should be great amounts of fun. A new season! A fresh start! We also have the World Baseball Classic to look forward to. A new tournament! The freshest of starts! And I don't have to worry about the Chargers till draft day. I'm free of them! Free, I say! It's all baseball from here on out!