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Drooz gives us some random thoughts on the Pads


So now the Padres have a cleanup hitter who accounted for 15 homers and 83 RBI, and chose to trade their best infielder (Mark Loretta) for backup catcher Doug Mirabelli.
Was feeling pretty good about the Padres re-signing cleanup man Brian Giles until I saw Ramon Hernandez sign with the Orioles for more years at less money.
While baseball teams usually talk about "getting younger," the Giants were trading for ex-Padre Steve Finley...

When Moises Alou turns 40 next July, the Giants will feature the oldest outfield in major league history: Barry Bonds (42 in July) in left, Finley (41 in March) in center and Alou in right.

Wow Kevin Towers dream of getting Finley again is over.  Angels swap Finley for Giants' Alfonzo  In other ex-Padres news John Flaherty signed with the Red Sox.  For those that don't remember Flaherty was our catcher back in 1996.  I was just looking at the a line up from that season.  I remember my favorite player was Jody Reed back then.  For the life of me I don't remember why.  Maybe I just liked his name.