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Pads to sign Bellhorn, Brazelton and Sikorski

Thanks to Anonymous Hero for pointing this out in the comment thread.

Pads to sign Bellhorn, Brazelton and Sikorski

Right-hander Brian Sikorski, who spent the past five seasons pitching in Japan, is expected to sign with the Padres on Thursday, has learned.

The Padres also are expected to announce the signings of free-agent second baseman Mark Bellhorn and right-hander Dewon Brazelton to one-year deals.

They are saying that Bellhorn will probably be the regular guy at 2nd base, unless he is beat out by one of Barfield.  Sikorski will take over for Aki and Brazelton will battle it out for a job in the Pen.

Contrary to popular belief Sikorski didn't invent the helicopter, that was Igor Sikorsky.