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Padres decline contracts to Olivo, Brazelton and Breslow

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Padres cut ties with Olivo

"I doubt Miguel will be back," General Manager Kevin Towers said last night, shortly after the 9 o'clock deadline for tendering contracts passed.

"He was adamant about getting a guaranteed contract and we didn't want to offer him that. Had he been here a full season, things might have been different. But he was here two months."

So Olivo is pretty much gone, but Towers says he's going to get a deal together for Brazelton and Breslow.

"All the reports are positive," said Towers. "I think we can get something done with Dewon quickly. We want to re-sign both Brazelton and Breslow."

David Ross signed for a year:

The Padres signed catcher David Ross to a one-year contract worth $500,000 just before the deadline and offered catcher Pete Laforest a contract.