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Johnny Damon as a Yankee

I guess it's a big deal that Johnny Damon is a Yankee, and apparently part of it is the fact that he's going to have to shave his beard and get a haircut. I'd been avoiding mentioning it for fear that our readers would accuse us of East Coast bias. However, ESPN was so kind as to give us an image of what he'll look like as a Yankee and I had to comment.

Here's that image:

And if you forgot, here's what he looked like before.

And here's what he would have looked like had he gone to the Brewers:

And of course what he would have looked like with the Pirates:

It's comforting to know that ESPN has this technology at their disposal. Opening day, fans in New York would not have recognized their new centerfielder had not ESPN prepared them for the change.

Update [2005-12-21 20:48:59 by jbox]:

Damon as a Padre?