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Blog poll on Eaton trade

Was this trade rotten or fresh? Let's ask the internets.

  • Baseball Musings - In a trade where no one involved is that good, it looks to me like the Padres got the better of this deal.
    Ummmm... Fresh.

  • MetalSupply - I love this trade.
    Friggidy Fresh

  • Ducksnorts - I'm positively giddy about this trade
    Like a schoolgirl Fresh

  • Friar Faithful - Kevin Towers pulled off an outstanding trade . . . If you're a Padre fan, you have to like that deal.
    Demandingly Fresh

  • Lone Star Ball - This is a bad, bad trade. There are no two ways about it.
    If it's Rotten for him then it's Fresh for us.

  • The Ranger Rundown - At best a lateral move in the short run, possibly a terrible move in the long run.
    Another Rotten Ranger Review equals Fresh!

  • Rotisserie Baseball Musings - Advantage: San Diego
    Succinctly Fresh

  • Beaneball - I'm a little disappointed that the new boy wonder GM in Texas, Jon Daniels, felt the need to make this deal, especially since it looks to me like he gave up the better starting pitcher in the deal, as well as the younger and cheaper one.
    F to the Resh
And it seriously goes on and on. Not since Toy Story 2 have we seen reviews like that. Yowza.