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Big Trade Gaslamp Ball Breakdown

I know what you want. And what you want is a breakdown of this trade. Unfortunately, all I can think about is the fact that Corky's Pest Control is going to have to get a new front line guy for their commercials.

Here's the way I see it. Adam was starting to get pretty vocal about the fact that the Padres were disrespecting everybody. Then he called $5-$6 million a year a "slap in the face" which really isn't the kind of thing you say when somebody's offering to give you $5-$6 million a year for an unproven commodity. Yes, unproven. Quiet yourself down, Adam. Have fun in Texas with Nevin. Take him out to lunch and you can both complain about how the Padres front office is full of dicks.

Otsuka, I'm sad to see go just because he's such a fan favorite. Unfortunately, it was apparent that he didn't quite show the same style of stuff that he had early on. Maybe being in a different league will let him dominate again. I think Otsuka will be a nice surprise for Texas fans.

The third player gone is Billy Killian, who I know nothing about. Maybe somebody can shed some light on that kid. However, we're apparently flush with catching in the minors so I'm assuming he won't be missed.

Now, to greet our new Padres. Terrmel Sledge provides a left handed bat for the outfield and also a really good baseball name. Chris Young is a solid young right handed clinical giant who the Gaslamp Ball Oracle says will be the first Padres pitcher to throw a no hitter at Petco. And Adrian Gonzalez is a left handed first baseman from San Diego.

Now, aside from the fact that A-Gonz is from San Diego, this seriously ruins the Padres offseason strategy of BWA (Better With Age). In fact, it's a strange trade that seems to make sense. We're moving what are potentially problem contracts for guys who could be useful for at least a few years. We're getting younger. All in all, it looks like a plus for us.

If these new guys could just do something with their hair...

Update [2005-12-20 16:32:28 by Dex]:

  • Lone Star Ball hates this trade. Adam's smarter than me when it comes to baseball, so if he hates this trade, then that means I love it.