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I guess that wasn't such a valid rumor

Q: Did the Padres really turn down a Finley for Klesko trade?

A: Apparently so.

The Padres retained Roberts after deciding against other trades, including a swap proposed by the Los Angeles Angels that would've put Steve Finley in left field for the Padres and sent first baseman Ryan Klesko to Anaheim. Klesko's consent, never requested, would've been needed.
That's weird, right? I would've sworn that the Padres would have jumped all over that. Finley has all the makings of a future Padre:
  1. Former Padre

  2. Lives in Southern California

  3. Over 38 years old
How does that not add up to "Future Padre"? It's like saying that Mr. Pibb plus Red Vines actually doesn't equal Crazy Delicious. It makes no sense.