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Burroughs signs a deal and Ishii released

Burroughs signed a one year deal with the Devil Rays today.

Maybe more importantly Kaz Ishii was released by the Mets today also.  I heard that the Padres may be interested in him if the Mets ate a big portion of his contract.  We'll see if anything comes of that.

New York Post: "Tampa Bay has an interest in returning Matsui to short if it can move Julio Lugo. San Diego is looking to trade for a second baseman, but the Padres, interest has been described as 'mild,' and the Padres would want the Mets to pick up a large chunk of Matsui's salary."

Update [2005-12-19 17:14:1 by jbox]:

Right-hander Brett Tomko is one in a small handful of pitchers the Dodgers are chasing, but he also is considering signing with the San Diego Padres."

We just can't get enough of those ex-Padres.