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Padres Fan Movies

This website called was just brought to my attention.  It seems pretty cool you can share your videos with the world.  I decided to search for "Padres" since I am a "Padres fan".

Most of the results were Spanish / Mexican and had nothing to do with baseball.  There was one result though from some crazy fans at a Padres game.  Good thing we have fans like these reppin' the Pads.

Some of these are PG-13:

1.  Me and Andrea.  

sexy04titan says:  

singing "take me out to the ball game" hahah watch the old lady next to me.. shes gonna look at my boobs.. muahahaha

2.  hahaha my boobies!!

sexy04titan says:

freakin duka snuck up on me and my boobies

3.  Padre Game

sexy04titan says:

muahahahahaa.. andrea's drunk ass.. trying to pull down my shirt


sexy04titan says:

courtney acting out what she loves to do... at the padre game.. =)