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Padres lose interest in Seanez and J.T. Snow

So on the news last night they were saying that because of the Doug Brocail trade, the Padres are no longer interested in signing Seanez.  The news said that he'd likely be signed by the Braves.  So guess we should expect that shortly.

Also they interviewed Kevin Towers and he said the Padres are now no longer going after J.T. Snow or the ladies like to call him "Q.T. Snow".  The ladies of Gaslamp lose again.  Apparently Snow wanted more playing time and didn't want to only play when Ryan Klesko needed a rest or against a left handed pitcher.

Meanwhile Nomar is meeting with the Dodgers and he should make a decision soon. Half the MLB teams are looking at him and I think 4 have made him an offer.

Update [2005-12-17 18:19:22 by jbox]:
Mike Piazza will be playing for Italy in the World Baseball Classic. Italy is the one time home of his grandparents, so there is that connection.