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More Snow Day at Petco Pics

We tried to warn you the Grinch was scary. It's really scary how he won't smile either. I don't think that's even a costume.

Meanwhile in this second picture the Pad Squad patrols the snow.

They were showing Rudolph up on the big screen. Luckily they weren't showing the part about the Island of Misfit toys. That part always kinda depresses me.

The other pic here shows the line. We were at the end of the line here and notice how you can't even see snow. It wraps around the entire Park in the Park. While we were waiting two punk kids kept trying to throw ice balls over the fence behind us. The ice balls would break up in mid air and we'd get hit continually. Strange that all the adults were ducking, but nobody said anything. After the third time I threw ice back at them. We ended up just getting out of line anyway. It was so powerful hot.