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Today at Lunch

At lunch today I saw a guy working on his lap top.  His desktop background had a picture of Trevor Hoffman pitching.  I kept watching him hoping that he'd go to Gaslamp.  That'd be like a musician hearing his music on the radio for the first time.  That's when you know you've made it.

I'd walk up to him.  "So you like that site, right?"  I'd clear my throat in a pompous sort of way and be like "yeah I do a little writing for that".

He'd get all excited.  "Oh my gosh, you're Dex?  You're so f'n funny!  I bust a nut every time I read your posts!"

I'd be all sad and be like "yeah that's me, see you around."

He'd yell after me "Where you going?  To punch yourself in the jock?  I bet that's where you are going!"

I'd just keep walking with my head down.