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Around the mission

  • Baseball America lists their top 10 Padres prospects. Shouldn't be any surprises there. My prediction with the way things are going? Carillo and Kottaras will both have major league starts by the all star break. I spoke with reader ilana recently, and she thinks that would be a disaster, but I've consulted the bones. I've consulted the bones.

  • The primates at Baseball Think Factory discuss the list.

  • For the doubters still out there, Ducksnorts breaks down this past season's right fielder. There's a guy I know. I talk baseball with him, but he's a little crazy. I says to him after the Giles signing. I says, "So they signed Brian Giles." He says, "What? I hope they didn't pay too much for him." I says, "Oh we paid, but not anything unreasonable." He says, "I hope it wasn't over $8 million." I says, "It was about that." He says, "$8 million for two years!? That guy ain't worth $4 million a year!" He was completely serious. Like I said. A little crazy.

  • Our friends at Red Reporter are hosting the 2005 Sports Blog Awards. Like any good initial endeavor, it's a chaotic process, but likely to be worth it. Your very own Gaslamp Ball has been nominated for Best Humor, however a blog entitled F--k Your Couch seems to have a lot of support as well. If you're going to nominate Gaslamp Ball for anything, can somebody do "Sexiest Blog"? Or "Most Latently Homosexual"? Or maybe "Best Hair"? Or even "Most Likely to not be Wearing a Cup"? Preferably nominate us for that if you already have an account at Red Reporter so that JD doesn't think it's me or jbox. Thanks.

  • Finally, in the "so this is what them scientists do all day" department, comes this story from off of I'll sum up the study for you: You know how guys who hit the ball a ton will say that it looked really big? Like they couldn't miss it? Well they asked various baseball players to point at different pictures of balls of varying sizes. The guys who said the ball looked really big to them all pointed to the bigger drawings. The guys with a bad day? They pointed to the BBs. In conclusion?
    The softball players literally see the ball as larger, the study concludes. "It's not in their minds. It's in perception," Witt told LiveScience.
    And of course, we all know that perception exists somewhere else besides our minds. You have what's in your mind, and you have perception which is stored somewhere in your spleen. Way to go, scientists. Way to be. Way to be.