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CORRECTION: Moving in the Fences

Dex was right, I was wrong!  I insisted they were moving in the fences, but Dex thought they were just resodding.

I need to make a correction.  I emailed the Padres to find out if they were indeed in the process of moving in the fences.

Thanks for your email.  We need to make a quick clarification to what it was you
thought you saw!  The uneven sod you noted along the right field cut-out was due
to our complete field resodding, not a fence relocation.  While we are still
considering a subtle fence relocation, it will be modest at best and only impact
the deep right center field area, which is currently at 411 feet.

If you have further questions, please give me a shout.

Tim Katzman
Director, Corporate Communications

Thanks to Tim for his time and for the info.  I'll tell you one thing.  That grass looked really good, they must be perfectionists down there in the field crew.  Maybe they will use some of that sod to fix up the Park in the Park, because that was a mess.

Update [2005-12-12 13:18:56 by jbox]:

I emailed Tim back and thanked him and made a little comment about how the Grounds Crew must be dreading fixing up the Park in the Park cuz of the snow and mud.

He replied:

Actually not. Takes about 8 inches of snow to = 1 inch of rain. So we should be back up to speed quickly.

Tim and Science throw up another strike on ol' jbox again. As Dex says I'm 0-2 with the Petco grass.