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Moving in the Fences at Petco

Nevin and Klesko were right, we were wrong. The park was too big afterall. Doesn't this set a bad example though for future whining, pouting, moaning players? If we would have made these changes earlier would we still have Nevin. Would he have been less grouchy? These are questions that may never be answered.

I hesitate to agree with Klesko and Nevin on anything but I must say I'm all for the fences coming in, because I don't like boring baseball. I swear a Padres home run at Petco Park would only happen like once every three weeks. I like a good pitching duel, or a triple as much as the next guy, but gimme a home run here and there as well.

Look at that beautiful grass. The boys on the grounds crew are doing a good job with it. They were out there mowing it yesterday. Are they going to put new seats in now since the fences are moved in? Maybe they should put Palm Trees behind the fences like at Qualcomm.

In any case the grounds crew is going to need to do a ton of work on the Park in the Park because all that melted snow and the thousands of people tore it up something awful.

Update [2005-12-13 11:37:38 by jbox]:

CORRECTION: They are moving in the fences a bit but this is just resodding.