Vasgersian at the San Diego Slam

I was watching the WSU vs. SDSU basketball game on Channel 4.  Matty V. was doing the play by play.  At one point an SDSU player scores.  I think it was Spain.  Anyway Vasgersian yells "that's what you get when he comes to the paint BEEYOTCH!"

Could I have heard that right?  Did he really just say that?  Then as if to confirm.  You can tell Matty has turned off his mic, but his voice is heard bleeding through his partners open mic. "Don't worry Tom, nobody is watching anyway."

That's where you are wrong Vasgersian!  I was watching!  I got you NOW!... BEEYOTCH!

Update [2005-12-12 16:27:33 by jbox]:

I emailed Channel 4 asking for a comment from them:

Dear jbox,

Thank you for your interest in Channel 4 San Diego and for visiting our web site. During the San Diego SLAM event broadcast on our station, Matt Vasgersian did make the comment you are referring to, after an exciting play. It was said in jest. Unfortunately the comment afterwards that he made to Tom Ceterski, the director of San Diego Slam, did bleed through Jim Brogan's microphone and was not meant to be aired. We apologize if this has offended you in any way.

Thanks for watching!

Channel 4 San Diego

I replied, "No problem dudes, I thought it was funny."

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