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Snow Day Report

Gaslamp Ball woke up a little late this morning and didn't get out to Snow Day quite as early as we would have liked. Still, we wrangled up the wranglers and made our way downtown to partake in the snow.

At 9 o'clock this morning, it was easily 75 degrees outside, but the snow was still in full force by the time we arrived at 10 even as the temperature had risen to about 80.

To get into Snow Day, we had to donate a couple of cans of green peas. On the way into the park we got yelled at by some homeless person on a corner for something or another and a homeless lady was on the opposite corner singing her rendition of The Gambler, as made famous by Kenny Rogers.

You gotta know when to hold em...
Know when to roll em...
Know when to seven six...
And know when to run...
You never count your knowledge...

How do you know when to "seven-six"? Does "seven-six" directly translate to "walk away"? If so, I'm going to use that from now on.

So anyways. Jbox and I seven-sixed from the homeless people and donated our food at the door. It was crazy crowded. Everybody had kids with them. We immediately had the same feeling that we had when we went to watch Bring It On in the theater. That time, it was us and about a hundred 8 to 14 year old cheerleader girls and their mothers. That distinct "Should we even be here" feeling.

KUSI News was there before us. We were hoping that the coverage would be a Gaslamp Ball Exclusive, but no such luck. Scooped again!

The snow was pretty icy and dirty by the time we were there. The whole experience was mostly children sledding down the hill and into bails of hay. We got in line to sled, but moved barely a foot over the course of about 10 minutes. Also, a brat pair of blonde 10 year olds boys in crew cuts kept throwing handfuls of ice at us.

We eventually gave up on that and took some pictures here and there.

The Grinch who stole Christmas was there, and we would have gotten a picture, but I got scared. Scary guy that Grinch. There were also clowns, and jbox wanted us to get our faces painted, but I'm more scared of clowns than that Grinch. Frightening characters all around. I did get yet another picture with Red Ruff though.

photo courtesy of Pad Squad Catherine

They did have some food for sale and we ate chili dogs. This is the second time in as many days that I've had chili dogs as a part of a holiday celebration. I had no idea that chili dogs were a San Diego Holiday treat.

On the way out of the park, a woman was handing out calendars, but wouldn't give us one because we didn't have a kid with us. In this part of the world, only children are priveledged enough to know what day it is.

So to summarize Snow Day:

  • Got yelled at by homeless people
  • Got uncomfortably hot
  • Got shoved around by the crowds
  • Got chunks of dirty ice thrown at us
  • Got frightened by the Grinch and a gang of clowns
  • Got dissed by the lady handing out free calendars

And now as I type, the chili dogs are doing a number on my tummy...

In conclusion, Snow Day was hell. It was an icy yet hot hell where green men and clowns throw little boys and girls down yellow snow covered hills and into bails of hay while tiny little demon children hurl chunks of frozen dirt at you. Let's see them report that on KUSI.