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Another reason to love Brian GIles

It wasn't just Southern California, it was San Diego that he wanted. Think about this. The Dodgers offered $11.5 million a year for three years with a $2.5 million buyout and the option of an $11 million fourth year. The Padres picked him up for three years and a guaranteed $30 million. The Dodgers' offer was $7 million more in guaranteed money and $9 million more if the fourth year option was picked up.

I wonder how Gilly broke that down?

  • Not playing where the parking lot smells like urine: $2 million

  • Never having to worry about shaking Tommy Lasorda's unwashed bathroom hands: $2 million

  • Not having to chase down the 30 or so beach balls that Dodger fans throw onto the field every game: $3 million

  • Never having to share an outfield with Jayson Werth: Priceless
There are some things money can't buy and Brian Giles' appreciation of San Diego is one of them. Good old, Gilly. I totally heart that guy.