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Former Padre Brett Boone Hell Raising!

The best part of this is that Brett Boone actually dyed his entire head platinum blonde.  No frosted tips, he went all out.  He must be happy the Pads signed Giles (see the main poll).  I also like him saying "Make me!"  Classic stuff here.

From Ben via Las Vegas Review-Journal

Former All-Star second baseman Bret Boone might have worn out his welcome at Wynn Las Vegas, according to the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL.

Spies tell me a tipsy Boone rolled his golf cart Monday while playing on the Wynn's $500-a-round high-roller golf course. Later, he created a scene in the bar at the Wynn's Country Club Grill.

Security was called when Boone, 36, got testy with Wynn staffers after they asked him to remove his feet from the bar in an area where patrons were dining.

"Make me!" replied Boone, among other choice words. When Boone fell off his bar stool and hit the floor, friends removed him from the bar before security arrived.

Once the most prolific second baseman in the game, the three-time All-Star had big seasons at Seattle before a disastrous 2005. He hit .170 in 14 games with the Minnesota Twins.

He showed up at the General Managers' meeting last month with his hair dyed platinum, hoping to catch some attention.