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ESPN Steroids Article "Who Knew?"

Just released online...  "Who Knew?" by Buster Olney

Here's the part about Wally Joyner:

[Wally Joyner] approached his friend after a workout and asked how he could get some steroids. [Ken] Caminiti didn't blink. He grabbed a piece of paper, scribbled a number and handed it over. "Call this guy," he said.

Here's the part about Cami's addiction

Caminiti heard that a veteran San Diego player was being a pest. "You want me to take care of it?" he asked Bochy. "Cammy, I don't want you to beat him up," Bochy replied, feeling fairly certain that Caminiti would do just that if he asked.

Who you think was being a pest? Gwynn?

Cami kinda sounds like a scary friend.

Ken Caminiti was an addict and he needed something that made him feel good and he found other addictions. Like friendship. Caminiti didn't want to just be a friend, he wanted to be the best friend ever. The best friend possible.
Where are they now?
Wally Joyner retired in 2001, finishing his career with the Anaheim Angels. He has since returned home to Mapleton, Utah, to spend more time with his family. He's also made cameos in several movies, including "Little Big League" (1994), "The Singles Ward" (2002) and "The R.M." (2003). The latter two films were produced by the Mormon Church, of which Joyner is a member.