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Wish List

Here's my wish list for next season. It's not based on much, though it is somewhat realistic based on what we've seen in the media so far this offseason.

Catcher: Kenji Johjima (Jojima). Ramon's great and all, but I had the distinct feeling he was mailing it in at various points in the season. Also, he was guilty (like much of the team last season) of the whole blow-it-in-medium-to-big-situations syndrome.

First Base: Xavier Nady. On one condition. Xavier needs to have his fielding instincts beaten out of him. No more diving to your right and cutting off Loretta. I don't want to see any more of that. Channel Steve Garvey. Channel Steve Garvey.

Second Base: Loretta.

Third Base: I guess we're stuck with Vinny. I want to see Vinny '98 though. Prove the doubters wrong, old man!

Shortstop: Khalil Greene. Khalil's kryptonite is his digits. His extremeties keep breaking. He's gone through seven of his twenty fingers and toes already. We may have to live with another season of this before all of them are completely replaced and we can get full production.

Outfield: Jacque Jones, Mike Cameron, Brian Giles. I truly believe this is possible. With a little push, a little shove, I'd ilke to see this outfield.

Rotation: Peavy, Wells, Eaton, Hensley and somebody else who I'm not sure of. I suppose we could go fifth starter by committee with Chan Ho, Astacio and Woody, though I'd like to see a Cesar up next season. With Clay newly in the rotation, that's putting quite a gamble on the end of the lineup, but a healthy Peavy, Wells and Eaton would be front loaded nicely.

That's my wish list. It's not set in stone, but it's a good starting point.