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News and Notes

The UT has more news for us:

More news on Jojima the Japanese Catcher we were discussing earlier.  It looks like he's not going to come cheap which means we won't end up getting him.  No way Moores offers anything close to that.

The Padres are interested in signing Jojima, 29, but expect that bidding could raise his price to close to $20 million on a multiyear pact.

Maybe when he's 39, we'll be able to afford him.

Meanwhile the Pads picked up Aki's option for $1.75 million and released Eric Young.  

There are also still rumors of David Wells coming back to San Diego in a trade for Sean Burroughs and Dave Roberts.

Apparently the Padres area also interested in some Rangers players.  Fortunately they aren't bringing back Nevin or anything.  The Rangers want Adam Eaton and the Pads want Laynce Nix.  The only thing I know about Nix is that Dex got him in a SportsClix purchase.  We were both hoping for one of the really rare players and we were so disappointed.


Bochy lost the election even though they did have a place to do a write in on the votes.